Advice for Home Gardeners and A Homeowners Resource Guide to Lawn and Gardens


Air Pollution and Lawn Mowers


A-Z Native Gardens, Raingardens, Shorelines –  Plant Selector tool, grants, nurseries, landscapers, designers, installers, garden plans, how-to videos and more…


Bees and Beekeeping

Crown Bees – The Gentle Bee Company

Pollinator Friendly Alliance


Pollinators of Native Plants (by Heather Holm)

Good Bug, Bad Bug (by Jessica Walliser)

The Truth about Organic Gardening (by Jeff Gillman)

Edible Landscaping (by Rosalind Creasy)

Great Garden Companions (by Sally Jean Cunningham)

Environmental Impact of Pesticide Use – Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ)


Food Safety – Freezing and Canning Information


Invasive Species


Local Cable TV

CTV15 North Suburbs – Thank you for the YouTube videos!

Plant Hardiness Zones (New Zones as of 2012)


Selecting Plants for Pollinators by Ecoregion (free app) and more…


Soil Test Information

Water Levels (Information about)


Water Pollution – Phosphorus



Yard and Garden Information – Diseases, Plant/Weed I.D., Insect I.D.


Web Hosting