Mason Meets a Mason Bee

Mason Meets a Mason Bee

Meet Mason—a boy who is afraid of bees. Discover how Mason conquers his fear of bees and feels like a superhero on a mission to save bees after he meets a talking mason bee. Yes, a bee sharing his own name! This rhyming picture storybook teaches timely, important and weighty topics about native bees, habitat, pesticides, and native plants in a light and fun way.

Although geared for grades K-5, adults may learn a thing or two as well. This book naturally ties into science, social studies, and health curriculum. The back of the book features: a note to the caregivers/teachers; resources to learn more about insects and habitat; as well as links to extension activities and lessons about pollinators.

This book was inspired by the author’s son's encounter with gentle native bees. Although her first reaction was to protect her son, she soon observed these gentle critters posed no threat but need our protection instead. By connecting children to plants, pollinators and their food, Pape hopes her books will influence kids (and their adults) to choose behaviors that support their own health as well as the health of the planet.


Price: $9.99

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