Mason Meets a Mason Bee with K-5 Educator’s Guide

Meet Mason—a boy who is afraid of bees. Discover how Mason conquers his fear of bees and feels like a superhero on a mission to save bees after he meets a talking mason bee. Yes, a bee sharing his own name! This rhyming picture storybook teaches timely, important and weighty topics about native bees, habitat, pesticides, and native plants in a light and fun way.

This book is a fantastic introduction to the world of wild bees and pollinators, and an excellent tool for caregivers and teachers to learn more about wild bees, why they need our help and how to help them in our own yards. This educator's guide is geared for traditional and non-traditional educational settings and includes four lessons, extension activities and background information for the educator.

“This is a great book—not only for kids, but also for parents and teachers. Kids will enjoy learning trivia, while adults stand to learn as much as the kids, and will appreciate the resources in the back as well. Best of all, parents may face pressure from their kids to actually use those resources. The rhyming style of this book reminds me of Dr. Seuss, and The Lorax in particular for its environmental message. The rhymes are clever and well thought-out. . .The book has a clear message—protect the bees—and delivers it effectively...”
— Joel Gardner, University of Minnesota Bee Lab Research Associate

“This book is a must have in all science classrooms. The precise photographs guide the story of Mason’s journey through observation and scientific inquiry with mason bees. The creative rhythm and rhyme draws listeners in with every page turn. Be sure to take advantage of the additional information from the educator’s guide and resources to extend the learner’s quest for knowledge. Creative and informative for all ages ...”
— Kara Cassidy, Kindergarten Teacher


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