Countdown to Spying Green Grass: Planting Seeds of Change

It’s that time of year again when a person starts wondering if green blades of grass will ever reappear. In considering lawns, a manicured lawn may either invoke a smile or scorn. For some, lawn care is a hobby and a source of pride with perfected mowing patterns as beautiful as a patchwork quilt. Others might sneer at this same green lawn for being a burden, boring or even for consuming excessive amounts of water, fertilizers, weed killers and fuel for powering mowers and leaf blowers. Fine-fescues to the rescue! Learn how these grasses are mending fences and giving everyone what they want...

The Proper Time to Salt Veggies

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! But let’s just skip the treacherous freezing rain. Unfortunately our increasingly warmer winters are resulting in icier impervious surfaces and more salt use. As a gardener, healthy soil is the crux of a healthy garden. (And I prefer to add salt to my food in the cooking stage, not the growing stage.) Read blog